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Bromham Beavers Colony - Camps

Camp Fire Blankets

It is a tradition in scouting to collect badges and sew them on an item of clothing or a camp fire blanket. We will give the cubs a badge for every camp they attend and you can obtain badges on family days out at tourist attractions.

The best blankets can be purchased on line from the Scout shops (reference 1012174) or ex army but any will do…that's all you need to get started. Better still get someone to get your name on it……so try it and start collecting.
Camping - example of a Bromham Beavers Sleepover

8th - 9th December 2012

Space Programme

Saturday 8th December

11am            Arrive, Unpack and then Time for Launch
12pm            Rocket Hunt
1pm              Lunch & Free Time
2pm              Rocket Making & Firing
3pm              Space Rations & Time to Refuel
3.30pm         Foam Planets
4pm              Space Story and Game
5pm              Dinner & Wash Up
6pm              Star Walk (Torches Needed)
7pm              Hot Chocolate & Space Biscuits
            Visit Four Planets

8pm              Create an Alien & Space Colouring
9pm              PJs & Space Story
9.30pm         Bed

Sunday 9th December

7.30am       Wash & Space Suits On
8am            Breakfast & Wash Up
8.30am       Pack & Room Inspection
9am            Beavers Own
9.10am       Foam Rockets
9.30am       Outside Game
10.30am     Space Rations & Time to Refuel
11am          Badge Presentation & Goodbye   


Saturday 8th December

Lunch - Beavers to bring a Pack Lunch
Snack - Rocket Fuel & Space Rations (Cake)
Dinner - Spaced Out Spaghetti Bolognese & French Stick
Evening Snack - Hot Chocolate & Space Biscuits

Sunday 9th December

Breakfast - Cereal
             Sausages, Eggs, Beans & Tomatoes
Snack - Rocket Fuel & Space Rations (Cake)